Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

J. K. Rowling

Chapters Nineteen–Twenty

Summary Chapters Nineteen–Twenty

Harry's conversation with Sirius comes at an opportune time, as he has no parents to ask advice from, and all of his Hogwarts mentors are supposed to stand as "objective" tournament authorities. As the letters have suggested, Sirius is truly playing his role as Harry's appointed guardian, both by giving solid, stern advice, such as the points about Moody and Karkaroff, and also by offering reassurance, his having appeared when he said he would, right when Harry has the most worries about the coming tasks. Sirius is a welcome presence throughout this book, as he is a source of information from the outside world, and a secretive and loyal companion to Harry. Ironically, this escaped accused murderer is the person in whom Harry can most easily confide and trust in.