Rita Skeeter's character allows Rowling to address racial stereotypes and bigotry. Indeed, the house-elves are subjected to work for wizards; pure blood wizards scorn Muggle-born wizards; gentle Hagrid is seen as a threat for being half-giant. Throughout all of these dilemmas of prejudice, Hermione and Dumbledore are the greatest advocates of true equality among all magical and non-magical races. This is one of the reasons why Voldemort is such a great threat to wizards worldwide; he attacks Muggle-born wizards, encourages terrible treatment of everyone, including house-elves, and taints the giants' reputation by calling them over to his side. Hagrid is so hopeful and encouraging to Harry about winning the Triwizard Tournament and showing everybody that basic skill and honesty will defeat old money, gossip, and snobbery, that Harry knows he must do everything he can to figure out the second clue. Only at this point does Harry understand how much rests on his shoulders; he has always been treated specially and encouraged, but here he sees himself the way Hagrid sees him, as the underdog who defeats the odds and makes life fair.