In each book, Voldemort's status is left uncertain. In this novel, it becomes clear that he is going to return stronger than ever. The end of the story focuses on the means for preparation of the various wizards involved. Hagrid makes a comment that holds true for all of these situations in all of the books: nobody can stop what is coming, but anybody can wait and meet it as fiercely as possible when it comes. Dumbledore uses the knowledge he has gained from Harry and Moody to bring the good wizarding world together against the Dark forces. The example of the Triwizard Tournament and the Quidditch Cup represents international cooperation. Since Voldemort is a universal threat, wizards worldwide must join forces before it is too late. Thus, the importance of community continuity is more pressing than ever before. Dumbledore emphasizes honesty in these chapters, making it clear that the sooner the facts are faced, the sooner they can be dealt with.