The appearances of Mr. Crouch and Ludo Bagman contrast approaches to dealing with chaos and challenges. Ludo is the friendlier person; he is addressed by his first name, and wears the robes of his glory days in honor of the event. He is an unreliable figure with mostly innocent intentions. Mr. Crouch addresses people and expects to be addressed politely, and is unwilling to disclose information that Ludo seems ready to discuss. Crouch frets and organizes, while Ludo celebrates. Mr. Crouch is practiced with keeping secrets. Bagman is unsubtle, and his trysts, though often illegal and annoying, are easy to spot. He appears to be everyone's friend but is loyal to no one. Mr. Crouch acts coldly toward everybody and his lack of connection is a great seed of trouble. Neither is a model citizen, and together they represent the spectrum of wizarding power.