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There is a loud crack, and they relight the Deluminator to discover that Dobby the house-elf, who served the Malfoys until Harry tricked Lucius into freeing Dobby, has appeared in their midst, ready to rescue them. Dobby, with his special house-elf magic, can Disapparate in and out of the house, taking humans with him, so Harry tells him to take Luna, Ollivander, and Dean to Bill Weasley’s house, and then return for the rest of them. The people upstairs hear the crack of the elf disappearing, so they send Wormtail to investigate. Ron and Harry struggle to subdue Wormtail, but Wormtail’s silver hand clamps around Harry’s throat and chokes him. Harry reminds Wormtail that Harry once saved his life and says that Wormtail shouldn’t kill him, and Wormtail actually loosens his grip. But then Wormtail’s silver hand, which had been given to him by Voldemort, turns on Wormtail and strangles him, a punishment for his moment of hesitation.

Upstairs, Griphook tells Bellatrix that the sword is a fake, and Bellatrix, reassured, summons Voldemort by tapping the Dark Mark on her forearm. Harry has a vision from Voldemort’s point of view of Voldemort being enraged at being summoned, and, in his impatience, killing Grindelwald.

Bellatrix announces that she’s finished with Hermione and offers Hermione to Greyback to eat. Ron and Harry rush in, disarming Bellatrix of her wand and incapacitating Lucius, but Bellatrix holds a knife to Hermione’s throat and forces Harry and Ron to drop the wands they have taken (from Bellatrix and Wormtail, respectively), which Draco picks up. Harry senses that Voldemort is very near.

With a grinding sound, the chandelier above them starts to fall. Bellatrix leaps out of the way, and the chandelier falls on Hermione and Griphook, who is holding the Sword of Gryffindor. Harry jumps up and wrests Draco’s wand from his hands, as well as the two wands Draco had picked up.

Narcissa sees Dobby and realizes that her former house-elf is the one who helped Harry and his friends. Dobby seizes her wand as Bellatrix screams for Dobby’s death.

Harry, Ron, Griphook, and Dobby all Disapparate to Bill Weasley’s cottage, but Dobby arrives mortally wounded, Bellatrix having thrown her silver knife into his body before he disappeared. Harry tries to comfort Dobby and pleads with him not to die, but the house-elf dies in Harry’s arms after saying Harry’s name.