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Daphne du Maurier

Chapters 12-14

Summary Chapters 12-14

Du Maurier creates a spine-chilling masterpiece of the west-wing scene; Mrs. Danvers has made these rooms into a morbid shrine to Rebecca, and Du Maurier's descriptions both of the bedroom and of Mrs. Danvers's sinister devotion to her departed mistress, set a tone that continues to echo throughout the book, and further hints at the malignant nature of the secrets yet to be revealed. (Indeed, given what we later learn about Rebecca's death, it seems remarkable that Maxim keeps the housekeeper on at all, and even more surprising that he allows her to maintain the west wing as a temple to her mistress.) Mrs. Danvers tells the heroine explicitly what until now has only been implied: that Rebecca's ghost haunts Manderley, wandering the hallways, watching everyone. "Sometimes I wonder," she whispers, "if she comes back here to Manderley and watches you and Mr. de Winter together." If so, the housekeeper suggests, Rebecca is certainly not happy with what she sees.