While giving birth, Dinah discovers new reserves of strength within herself. Dinah’s first thought when her water breaks is to call out for her mothers. She feels their absence profoundly and misses the comfort of the red tent. Though she has Re-nefer, the other women of the house, and the midwife Meryt supporting her, she feels utterly alone without her true mothers. All of her life, she has dreamed of becoming a mother with her family at her side, and finally she sees clearly how much she has lost. During her labor, Dinah discovers strength in herself that she did not know she possessed. After hours and hours of pushing with no progress, she remembers the teachings of Inna and Rachel, and she takes over. She instructs Meryt to turn the baby, and after she checks her own skin in a mirror, she asks to be cut. Despite Re-nefer’s offer for the surgeon, Dinah insists that Meryt handle the situation. Dinah’s cool head and natural abilities as a midwife enable her to bring her son into the world safely and avoid the ever-present death in the labor room.