The brief reappearance of Re-mose, now nearly an adult, further strengthens Dinah’s resolve to take action in her life. She sees in his mature face how many years she has spent hiding in her garden and realizes that she must face her life. Re-mose has grown up and learned the ways of a vizier, which draws attention to Dinah’s own intertia. Her relationship with Re-nefer, which has always been cordial, has become nearly nonexistent. Dinah comes and goes from her home in the garden shed and feels no attachment to anyone other than Meryt. Since she has no family in Thebes, there is no reason to call it home. She realizes that others like Werenro have lived through suffering—and found the strength to go on with their lives. Dinah is no longer bound to her son’s life, for he will not be coming home to see his mother again, so she must find her own way.