Dinah asserts control over her life by making and keeping a home with Benia. She agreed to become Benia’s wife, because she could see that he possessed kindness and compassion, but she is nonetheless surprised as how much she delights in being a wife and making their home. She notes the simple sweetness in choosing where to place a chair or what to plant in the garden. Dinah relishes creating her own order, and she cheerfully hums to herself as she performs her household duties. Up to this point, the tragedy at Shechem and her subsequent life in Egypt have defined her adult life. As an adult, she has never exerted any control over her existence. As a child, she was at the mercy of her brothers and her father, while in Egypt she was at the mercy of Re-nefer and her own self-imposed exile. She could make no independent decisions or take any action on her own behalf. She comes to Benia on her own terms and shares with him a home that he designed for both of them, which gives her contentment and a sense of control over her destiny.