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Wide Sargasso Sea

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Part Two, Section Four

Summary Part Two, Section Four

Premonitions of evil haunt Antoinette's thoughts and the surrounding landscape. The movement away from Granbois to the "Mounes Mors" rocks, or "Dead Ones," forecasts the plot's downward trajectory from the life of the forest to the spiritual death that awaits both Rochester and Antoinette. Indeed, Antoinette herself senses the evil that awaits her: she sees signs of betrayal in the cock crowing, and she feels that England will be a cold and unwelcoming place. Like her haunting forest dreams, these premonitions suggest that Antoinette possesses a sort of sixth sense—a gift that ties her to the supernatural, magical world of Christophine. However, Antoinette's whiteness and her European heritage render her unfit for the use of obeah magic; indeed, Christophine senses something taboo in giving Antoinette the potion. The exchange of money—a colonial accessory of power—for the rights to a spiritual ceremony sullies the transaction and seems to spoil the potion, subverting its effects. It seems that nothing can protect Antoinette from her downfall; evil haunts her actions and her surroundings.