In addition to bees, the novel uses secrets as a motif. Lily keeps a special box away from T. Ray, and she tries to keep secret from Rosaleen the fact that she has gone to Tiburon to find evidence of Deborah. Both Lily and Rosaleen keep their true identities a secret from the Boatwright sisters. In turn, August keeps secret from Lily the fact that she believes Lily to be lying. August refuses to pressure or probe Lily about why she has arrived at the farm. Everybody tries to keep secrets about horrible events from May, who becomes distraught when she hears about suffering. The different types of secrets show that some secrets are necessary. August and Lily realize that trust takes time, so they let each other keep secrets. Similarly, using secrets to protect May is noble, rather than ridiculous, as the truth shall cause more damage than the lie as far as sensitive May is concerned.