Bailey befriends the people Tibby had pinpointed as ridiculous losers for her film, teaching Tibby about the importance of looking beyond appearances to find out what people are really like. Tibby had dismissed the Wallman’s manager, Duncan, as being absurd, because he was a stickler for the Wallman’s rules. But Bailey got to know him enough to see how much he liked having Tibby around the store. Tibby had written off Angela, because of her extremely long fingernails, but Bailey took the time to talk to her, uncovering the sad, vulnerable woman underneath. Brian seemed like a complete loser to Tibby, with his video game obsession and terrible fashion sense, but, with Bailey’s help, Tibby sees the good person inside. Eventually, Tibby opens herself up to Brian and lets him teach her how to play Dragon Master, and she realizes that there’s more to Brian than she gave him credit for. And Bailey had instant compassion for Margaret, the movie theater employee who has memorized bits of dialogue. Tibby, quick to sarcasm but not to kindness, learns a lot from Bailey in the short time they spend together. The scene at the gravesite shows that Tibby will keep Bailey’s lessons in mind for the rest of her life.