As the girls enter their new lives, we begin to learn more about what makes them unique and what they like most about one another. Tibby’s artistic spirit shines through when she brings her video camera to the Pants ceremony, and we see her self-consciousness when she refuses to wear her work smock while she rides her bike to work. Lena is self-conscious as well, aware of how her beauty sets her apart from her friends. She is reluctant to draw attention to it. Bridget is fearless and outgoing, making overtures of friendship immediately to the girls at camp—and not minding when she has to do something alone. She enjoys being in the moment and doesn’t spend too much time analyzing her feelings. When her new friend Diana tries to figure out how looking at the stars makes her feel, Bridget is reminded of Carmen, the more introspective of the group. For her part, Carmen enjoys the unknown, and she happily imagines what her father’s home will be like. However, at the core of Carmen is a desire for order and clarity. She imagines her father’s home, but she immediately lists the things she’ll do to make it fit her image of “home,” which includes curtains and a tea kettle. She likes the organized tray of plane snacks and takes part of it with her as a kind of protection against the unknown she is about to face.


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