Bailey has an innate talent for seeing straight to the heart of people, even those she’s never met before. She has managed to see through Tibby’s reluctance and pursue a friendship with her, and she seems to understand Tibby’s parents in a way that even Tibby does not. Bailey is able to articulate the fact that Tibby was her parents’ “experiment,” while Tibby had never been able to explain the difference between herself as a child and her two baby siblings. Bailey is the one who finds Brian, their first interview for the documentary, but she seems to see something beyond the awkward exterior that Tibby ridicules. A purely ridiculous person wouldn’t make a very compelling interview, and Brian has an intensity—and a talent—that catches Tibby off guard. The fact that Bailey intuitively knew how to set up Tibby’s camera equipment suggests that Bailey is able to see people clearly, even artfully, as Tibby aspires to do in her documentary.