Ultimately, the epilogue serves to address most of the remaining questions in the novel, but leaving Salander’s and Blomkvist’s relationship in question. The Vanger family, long haunted by its broken past and present misdeeds, becomes whole once again, financially and otherwise, when Harriet reunites with Henrik. Salander’s theft of Wennerström’s hidden funds solves the financial issues she encountered as a result of having Bjurman acting as her legal guardian. Blomkvist’s restoration of his good name, his renewed importance in the journalistic world, and the salvation of Millennium resolve the problems that have beset him since the very beginning of the novel. However, the relationship between Salander and Blomkvist is left on shakier ground than ever at the novel’s end. The two part ways with mutual respect and fondness for each other, but Salander’s aborted Christmas visit to Blomkvist after she glimpses him with Berger indicates both her uncertainty about how to handle her own feelings and possibly Blomkvist’s unawareness of them. Consequently, though The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo solves the mystery within its pages, the relationship between Blomkvist and Salander demands a resolution that unwinds only in the succeeding two books of the trilogy.