This section of chapters also draws an unmistakable parallel between Blomkvist’s daughter, Pernilla, and the missing Harriet. A strong interest in spirituality and the Bible links both women, and Harriet’s early exploration of spirituality mirrors Pernilla’s current interest in Bible verses and Bible camp. The final link that connects the two women, however, rests not with their spirituality but in their family relationships, or rather their lack thereof. Blomkvist and Pernilla share a filial bond, but the relationship, awkward and distant, leads Blomkvist to feel isolated from his daughter. Harriet similarly seemed cut off from her father, albeit for different reasons. Though Blomkvist never acknowledges this parallel between Harriet and his daughter explicitly, it may help to explain why Blomkvist is drawn so deeply into the case, making it an obsession of his own and not just a freelance project.