Not least of all, this section also finally answers the mystery of what happened to Harriet Vanger, the central riddle of the novel. Harriet’s explanation of her flight from Hedeby with Anita’s help, as well as the murder of her father and her relationship with her brother, tie up the remaining loose ends in the case and permit Blomkvist the necessary information to write his story and complete his investigation. More importantly, Harriet’s contentment in her current situation demonstrates her break from the Vanger family’s history of violence, abuse, and vice. It also speaks to her resilience and strength of character. Finally, her desire to see Henrik signals the beginning of healing in the Vanger family, and the beginning of a new generation no longer plagued by the problems of the clan. Her reappearance marks a rebirth for the family and provides a note of hope in an otherwise bleak and violent family history.