Krakauer's description of his marriage is similar to that of Scott Fischer and some of the other guides. The subject of climbing evolves into a problem in the relationship, either because of all the time spent away from home, the sheer danger of the sport or jealousy that a sport can arouse more passion than a lover can. Krakauer's wife was happy when he decided he was finished climbing, and she was beside herself when she had to bring him to the airport for his climb up Everest. Being on the sidelines would perhaps be the most difficult position of all. Weeks of not knowing, imagining where the expedition was and how everyone was doing, weeks of praying for good weather and good judgment. There is decidedly little comfort until one has actually reached the ground again. Krakauer knows this, and can think of little else to tell Linda other than: "'I'm not going to get killed…Don't be melodramatic'" (110).