A shopgirl arranges a basket of food for Blazes Boylan. Boylan writes the delivery address and looks down the girl’s shirt. He takes a red flower for his lapel and asks to use her telephone.

Stephen meets his voice teacher, Almidano Artifoni, in the street outside Trinity College. Artifoni tries to persuade Stephen to pursue a music career in Dublin. Stephen is flattered. Artifoni runs to catch a tram.

Miss Dunne, Blazes Boylan’s secretary, puts away the novel she is reading. She daydreams about going out tonight. Boylan calls. Miss Dunne tells Boylan that Lenehan will be at the Ormond Hotel at four o’clock.

Ned Lambert meets with J.J. O’Molloy and the reverend Hugh C. Love to show the reverend around Saint Mary’s Abbey (now Lambert’s warehouse). Lambert discusses the history of the abbey with Love, who is writing a history book. Lambert and O’Molloy discuss O’Molloy’s money troubles.

Tom Rochford shows his invention, a mechanism to keep track of betting races, to Nosey Flynn, McCoy, and Lenehan. Lenehan promises to speak to Boylan this afternoon about Rochford’s in-vention. McCoy and Lenehan leave together. Lenehan ducks into a betting office to check on the price for Sceptre, his pick for the Gold Cup race. Lenehan re-emerges and reports to McCoy that Bantam Lyons is inside betting on a long-shot horse (the horse Lyons thinks Bloom tipped him to in Episode Five). The men spot Bloom looking through a book merchant’s cart nearby. Lenehan claims to have groped a willing Molly. McCoy sticks up for Bloom, who he thinks has an artistic side.

Bloom looks through the books at a bookseller’s cart and settles on Sweets of Sin for Molly.