Part Five, Chapters 34 – 35

Summary Part Five, Chapters 34 – 35

Louie’s relationship with Cynthia becomes a conflict. He falls so suddenly for Cynthia that one might wonder if this was true love or a war-related response. The marriage seems so sudden and fraught with warning signs that one wonders if it will survive. Also, the cultural differences between them, their lack of full knowledge of each other, and the brief period of their courtship seem to spell disaster. Louie’s underlying anxiety and drinking problems have not been solved, and this fact makes this marriage feel doomed. Louie does not yet seem fully in control of his emotions. His emotions, in fact, seem to be controlling him. Still, there is a magic to their relationship, including that Cynthia recalls seeing a newsreel clip about Louie when she was twelve years old. There is a hint of destiny here.

As a character, Louie has not yet reached resolution. He still experiences conflict, both inner and outer. Louie’s positive episodes are still followed by negative ones. The waves of conflict in the book have settled significantly, but they are not yet entirely gone. Louie has not entered still waters.