The episode with the cat also demonstrates Hazel's cool demeanor and knowledge of psychology. Hazel thinks quickly and, although Pipkin is nervous, Hazel realizes that if he can get the cat to spring at them, they can get away. Therefore, he insults the cat enough to make it lunge. Hazel's trick is very simple, but it is effective. Such an ability to stay calm under pressure is what Hazel needs in order to be a good leader for the warren. His actions may sometimes be daring, but they are calculated, indicating that he has thought out the best course of action. Perhaps most important is the fact that Hazel thinks very quickly on his feet. Bigwig does the same, but the difference is that while Hazel often avoids confrontation, Bigwig relishes it.

The fact that the rabbits build the warren, and then only afterward stop to think about the fact that they need does, is somewhat surprising. What this indicates is that they are ready to start living a real rabbit existence. Since they left their home warren they have met with many obstacles and have had a large number of adventures, but now that they have found a place to settle down they can think about everything else that a rabbit needs. They have living on bare necessity for a fair amount of time, but now their concerns are no longer simply those of short-term survival. Hazel and his gang must figure out a way to ensure that the warren is the home to rabbits for more than just a single generation.