The boys are not out of trouble, and the carnival does not seem to be slowing down. Miss Foley is turned into a little girl. From talking to her, the boys realize both that the carnival is terrible and that they are the only ones who know. No one will listen to Miss Foley. It is at this point that Will and Jim realize how alone they are in their battle. They must face an evil force that destroys people's lives so completely that no one suspects them of anything. When the parade comes, the boys understand that their victory the night before was short-lived. Their enemies are coming for them, and they have no choice now but to hide. Even worse, the little girl is gone after the parade passes, likely snatched up by the enemy. The carnival leaves no witnesses or evidence, and Jim and Will are the only threat to its survival. They understand that nothing can keep them safe but their own abilities. From the beginning, the carnival has forced the boys to act differently from most thirteen-year-olds. Now they must grow up in a hurry. They have to face a more powerful enemy with only themselves to rely upon, and that is far beyond the average adventure that children seek.