Christine’s determination to do a better job raising Rayona than her own mother did raising her gives us a new perspective on what was missing in Christine’s childhood, but Christine is careful not to overstep her bounds and try to live an idealized life through Rayona. The fact that Christine is sure to note that she “answered Rayona’s questions” shows how much the secrecy pervading her own upbringing had bothered her. Christine does not want Rayona to feel forgotten the way she herself did. Christine’s desire to shape a different life for Rayona, however, does not mean that she intends to live vicariously through her. Christine even notes that she does not expect to relive her life through Rayona, not because she does not want to but because she does not think she can. While this remark is in some ways a sign that Christine is defeated, as if she feels too set in her ways to correct her mistakes, it is also an important acknowledgement on Christine’s part that Rayona is a separate and unique person. In trying to be a better mother than Ida, Christine hopes to help Rayona avoid derailing her own life.