These misunderstandings between mother and daughter take on a tragic tone later in the chapter. We know Christine has just found out that she has only a few months to live, but Rayona and Elgin are unaware of this fact and think Christine is just being melodramatic. At the end of the chapter, the consequences of Christine’s behavior expand to her relationship with Ida as well. Christine continues to keep her fatal illness a secret, even though, if told, it would smooth out her relationship with both Ida and Rayona. Instead, Christine remains silent and leaves Rayona feeling abandoned and Ida feeling confused and irritated. Christine’s behavior is motivated by her desire to find Rayona a home, but she never lets anyone know her plans or motives. Therefore, what seems natural and right to Christine frequently seems irrational and selfish to others. Ironically, Christine alienates the two people who should be closest to her at a time when she needs them both the most.