The final scene of the chapter is another case of confrontation brought on by misunderstanding. As is the case with Christine and Rayona, the misunderstanding between Christine and Ida goes both ways. Although Christine is rude and combative, Ida refuses to listen to Christine and does not give her a chance to explain. We later come to understand Ida’s wild remarks better when we hear her own story, but at this point we can see only how bruising her remarks are to Christine. Because we hear Ida’s words through Christine’s ears, we are able to interpret them only from Christine’s perspective. When Ida says she never wanted Christine, she assumes that Ida means she never wanted Christine as a daughter. As we learn later, however, this is only partly true, and the remark becomes more understandable when seen in context. Caught up in the confusion of the moment, Ida retreats “into a place [Christine] couldn’t see.” Although Christine means these words literally, they could also refer to events she does not know of in Ida’s life, and it is because Christine cannot see this place that she cannot understand her supposed mother.