In her interactions with Sky and Evelyn, Rayona is able to live her fantasy life to some extent, but her romanticizing is jeopardized by her encounters with Ellen. Having read the letter in Rayona’s wallet, Sky and Evelyn see Rayona only in the context of the life she has made up. Because they treat Rayona like she actually lives the life described in the letter, she can imagine that she really does have two loving parents, a big house with a yard, and a dog. Rayona is free to imagine that her time at Bearpaw Lake is just a small break from her idealized real life. Rayona’s fantasy breaks down, however, when she finally comes into contact with the true owner of the life she has borrowed. When Ellen and her parents come to the diner for breakfast, Evelyn recognizes in their conversation facts that she had previously attributed to Rayona. The whole purpose of Rayona’s fantasy life is to make other people believe it is her reality, and when that belief evaporates, her dream world comes crashing down around her. Nonetheless, even though she is aware that her constructed life is a lie, she cannot let go of the fantasy. Rayona keeps Ellen’s letter, reading it again and putting herself back into the world it creates for her.