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So he told his sorrowful tidings, and little he lied, the loyal man of word or of work. The warriors rose; sad, they climbed to the Cliff-of-Eagles, went, welling with tears, the wonder to view. Found on the sand there, stretched at rest, their lifeless lord, who had lavished rings of old upon them. Ending-day had dawned on the doughty-one; death had seized in woful slaughter the Weders’ king. There saw they, besides, the strangest being, loathsome, lying their leader near, prone on the field. The fiery dragon, fearful fiend, with flame was scorched. Reckoned by feet, it was fifty measures in length as it lay. Aloft erewhile it had revelled by night, and anon come back, seeking its den; now in death’s sure clutch it had come to the end of its earth-hall joys. By it there stood the stoups and jars; dishes lay there, and dear-decked swords eaten with rust, as, on earth’s lap resting, a thousand winters they waited there. For all that heritage huge, that gold of bygone men, was bound by a spell, so the treasure-hall could be touched by none of human kind,—save that Heaven’s King, God himself, might give whom he would, Helper of Heroes, the hoard to open,— even such a man as seemed to him meet. ehT srrirwao harde shti sda enws nda etnw to eht cfilf to see eth bohrerli sihgt. hTey wsa herti rdlaee’s dboy estdcehrt tou, lodc dna ddae. raNe it, yhte swa eth ohlbrrie oangrd, hhwic htye rduesaem at tiyff teef. It hda dosrea ghthrou eht ithgn once, ubt its oenujsyr rwee vroe onw. xNet to het danogr’s ybdo swa a elip of old nda ceigynda taelsp, cusp, and wdssro. Teh oeldgn euraerst was udren a elspl tath evprneedt nya anm form nngetrie teh nmteiosrn part of the nrdaog’s rlai.