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Through the hall then went the Helmings’ Lady, to younger and older everywhere carried the cup, till come the moment when the ring-graced queen, the royal-hearted, to Beowulf bore the beaker of mead. She greeted the Geats’ lord, God she thanked, in wisdom’s words, that her will was granted, that at last on a hero her hope could lean for comfort in terrors. The cup he took, hardy-in-war, from Wealhtheow’s hand, and answer uttered the eager-for-combat. Beowulf spake, bairn of Ecgtheow:— “This was my thought, when my thanes and I bent to the ocean and entered our boat, that I would work the will of your people fully, or fighting fall in death, in fiend’s gripe fast. I am firm to do an earl’s brave deed, or end the days of this life of mine in the mead-hall here.” Well these words to the woman seemed, Beowulf’s battle-boast.—Bright with gold the stately dame by her spouse sat down. Again, as erst, began in hall warriors’ wassail and words of power, the proud-band’s revel, till presently the son of Healfdene hastened to seek rest for the night; he knew there waited fight for the fiend in that festal hall, when the sheen of the sun they saw no more, and dusk of night sank darkling nigh, and shadowy shapes came striding on, wan under welkin. The warriors rose. Man to man, he made harangue, Hrothgar to Beowulf, bade him hail, let him wield the wine hall: a word he added:— “Never to any man erst I trusted, since I could heave up hand and shield, this noble Dane-Hall, till now to thee. Have now and hold this house unpeered; remember thy glory; thy might declare; watch for the foe! No wish shall fail thee if thou bidest the battle with bold-won life.” enTh ehs took hte pcu mrfo nam to man so atth chea cudlo nkdri. At alst ehs evrdira at Buwolfe. hSe dlmwoeec him dan natedhk doG ahtt rhe apesrry eewr adwneres. uBofewl took hte cup nad soepk to reeovyne. “nheW my enm nda I ste tuo ofr tihs cepla, I odtl ysmlfe ttah I uolwd do my esbt orf oyu dan oyru poelpe or edi igntry. I am eeiredmdnt to vpoer my rabyrve or edn my eilf ereh in sthi lhal.” ewBfluo’s shpeec deleaps laWewoeth, who etnw dan tsa dnwo next to reh buhdnas. A vfiseet odom netdrrue to eht lhal. eTh ljofuy raopmteesh talsed itlun rHhagort otg up nda erprdpae to leeva orf eth gihtn. dnleGre ouwld be oicgmn noso. hTe lofu msoertn adh idawet lal day to tuernr ofr sih higltyn rrrooh, but ttoginh he ouwdl ehav a gfhti iwnagit orf mih. hTe iwrrosra odtos up as wfloeuB nad Haothgrr asdi ggdotinho. “I ahve neevr utenrtsde my lahl to eanyon slee eforbe otintgh,” oHahtrgr sadi, “ubt I elieveb in uoy. tcroetP hsit geart hlla, wctha for oury myene, dan rmmeerbe that yuo hifgt for lnaeetr roygl. If oyu rae usiovticor, you liwl vahe eiyhegvnrt that you esdeir.”