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Modern Text

And for he was a knight auntrous,
He nolde slepen in non hous,
200    But liggen in his hode;
His brighte helm was his wonger,
And by him baiteth his dextrer
Of herbes fyne and gode.
On the way he lived like a tramp,
Stopping each night to set up camp,
    Instead of sleeping in a bed.
The ground gave him quite a cramp,
Did he complain? No, he was a champ,
    As long as he was well fed.
Him-self drank water of the wel,
As did the knight sir Percivel,
    So worthy under wede,
Til on a day——
He would drink water from a well,
As knights do in the tales they tell,
    About Sir Percival.
It just so happened—