Julius Caesar

by: William Shakespeare

Act IV, scene i-iii

He shall but bear them as the ass bears gold,
To groan and sweat under the business,
Either led or driven, as we point the way. (IV.i)
It is a creature that I teach to fight,
To wind, to stop, to run directly on,
His corporal motion governed by my spirit,
And in some taste is Lepidus but so. (IV.i)
Cassius, be content.
Speak your griefs softly: I do know you well.
Before the eyes of both our armies here,
Which should perceive nothing but love from us,
Let us not wrangle. (IV.ii)
Our legions are brim-full, our cause is ripe.
The enemy increaseth every day,
We at the height are ready to decline (IV.iii)