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September 7, 1533: ·Elizabeth born at Greenwich Palace.
May 9, 1536: ·Ann Boleyn beheaded
February 3, 1542: ·Catherine Howard beheaded
January 1547: ·Henry VIII dies
July 6, 1553: ·The sixteen-year-old Edward VI dies after a six-year reign; Mary I takes the throne.
1554: ·Sir Thomas Wyat the Younger's Rebellion
November 17, 1558: ·Mary I dies, Elizabeth succeeds
January 15, 1559: ·Elizabeth's coronation ceremony
1559: ·Elizabeth's Protestant/Catholic religious settlement
1561: ·The French king Francis II dies, and Mary Queen of Scots returns to Scotland.
1568: ·Elizabeth imprisons Mary Queen of Scots
1570: ·Pope Pius V issues an interdict against Elizabeth
1571: ·Ridolfi Plot to overthrow Elizabeth and replace her with Mary Queen of Scots
1571: ·Elizabeth names William Cecil Lord Treasurer and gives him the new title of Lord Burleigh. She brings in Francis Walsingham to replace him as Secretary of State.
1575: ·Leicester entertains Elizabeth at Kenilworth Castle
1579: ·Leicester secretly marries Lettice Knollys, Elizabeth's cousin
1579: ·Elizabeth's marriage negotiations with the French King's brother (Anjou) dissolve
1580: ·Pope Gregory XIII announces that killing Elizabeth is not a sin
1582: ·Duke de Guise Plot on Elizabeth's life
1583: ·Marriage negotiations with the Duke de Alencon
1584: ·William the Silent assassinated
1584: ·Bond of Association enacted
1585: ·Act for the Preservation of the Queen's Safety passed
1586: ·Babington Plot to overthrow Elizabeth and replace her with Mary Queen of Scots
February 8, 1587: ·Mary Queen of Scots executed
April 1587: ·Drake's surprise attack on Spanish fleet at Cadiz
July 1588: ·Philip of Spain launches the Spanish Armada
1588: ·Earl of Leicester (Sir Robert Dudley) dies
1590: ·death of Francis Walsingham
1598: ·Lord Burleigh (William Cecil) dies
February 25, 1601: ·Robery Devereaux, Earl of Essex, executed
March 24, 1603: ·death of Queen Elizabeth

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