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Flex Your Geek Muscle at Get Pop Cultured!

We love free stuff! Mostly because it's free, and partially because it's stuff... but mainly because it's FREE STUFF. This summer, Barnes & Noble is inviting all geeks worth their weight in...


35 Signs You Are a YA Villain

We all harbor dark thoughts from time to time. Stand by your friends at orientation, or bad-mouth them to impress some cool jerk? Engage your rivals in public debate, or...


10 Fashion Trends Explained by Evolution

We know that platform shoes are "back," but where did they come from originally? What would possess an entire country of beachgoers to embrace the "face-kini?" Are beards responsible for...


Subjects No One Talks About but Everyone Studies in High School

“I don’t focus on anything other than academics. I am all work, all the time.  Other teenage 'drama' doesn’t apply to me.” ^LADIES & GENTLEMEN, EXHIBIT A: THE HIGH SCHOOLER IN...


Sparklers as Websites

Image reproduced with permission from the artist, elontirien (DeviantArt) On the July 7, 2014 Open Thread, the OT'ers discovered the interwebsseries, a tumblr dedicated to the personification of internet websites. Our very own TheDoctor212 found the picture...

Grad Party 2014 Sign-in Sheet

Were you at the grad party? Are you still there? Awesome! Follow the directions in the comments below so we can have something to remember it by! Because the party lives on in our hearts, and...

A Post About Accepting Yourself

There's something I've been seeing around lately. Something I've been seeing a lot—enough that I feel it's important to bring up. It's something I don't think I've ever seen addressed anywhere and I'm not sure...

The Brit Script: Part 2

To refresh your minds, click here for part one- Now, sit comforably and enjoy!   I- -rolls eyes- “Drinking tea does not make you British. Other things do. Like... talking ...