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Horrible Ways I Have Broken Up With Innocent People

In my whole life, I have been broken up with only once. (Ryan from fifth grade. Cried for a week.) The rest of the time, in relationships long or short,...


Torture Devices That Make You Feel Terrible About Your Body? SIGN US UP!

Don't ever accuse Josh and Reid of not sacrificing themselves for the greater good of the That's a Thing community. This week, the lads try out two separate items, both...


Fight off the Undead Hordes of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies with Our Jane Austen Quiz

This weekend Elizabeth Bennet will kick some serious zombie butt on the big screen and we are SO EXCITED. So, to get ready for the ZombAustenPocolypse (TM), we bring you...


Auntie SparkNotes: Men Make Me Nervous

Dear Auntie, When I was growing up, I had bad experiences with my mom's then-boyfriend. He was very controlling to the point where I couldn't do anything I wanted and wasn't...


Send YOURSELF a Valentine This Year

Given that we're in the golden age of #TreatYoself, Valentines Day is now more about self-love than ever. This February 14th, use these Valentines by the LOVELIEST and TALENTED-EST Ruby Woods to channel Tom and Donna, to remember to...