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Review Test

Review Test

Review Test

Review Test

1. 1. With what war was Joan of Arc most closely associated?

2. 2. Charles VII belonged to which royal family?

3. 3. Where was Joan born?

4. 4. Where did Joan die?

5. 5. How did Joan of Arc die?

6. 6. Joan said she heard mysterious voices. Who did she say was speaking to her?

7. 7. What was the French term for "heir apparent"?

8. 8. What class was Joan born into?

9. 9. Hold old was Joan when she first started hearing voices?

10. 10. How old was Joan when she died?

11. 11. What extreme quality was Joan known for as a young girl?

12. 12. Which of the following Saints did Joan NOT claim to hear?

13. 13. Where did Joan first go to volunteer herself for the Dauphin's service?

14. 14. What was unusual about Joan's apparel?

15. 15. Who was Joan's greatest supporter in the Dauphin's court?

16. 16. Which of the following commanders served beside Joan of Arc at the Siege of Orleans?

17. 17. Who was responsible for capturing Joan?

18. 18. Who served as the basis for the fictional character of Bluebeard?

19. 19. Who was also known as the "Duke of Burgundy"?

20. 20. Where did Joan correctly predict a sword would be found for her?

21. 21. How did Joan shatter her supposedly magical sword?

22. 22. At what battle was Joan captured?

23. 23. At the Battle of Patay, what unit did La Hire quickly decimate?

24. 24. Joan was twice injured by what kind of weapon?

25. 25. Who was Joan's squire?

26. 26. Who presided over Joan's trial?

27. 27. Who among the following was NOT one of Joan's brothers?

28. 28. Which one of her brothers accompanied Joan at the Battle of Compiegne?

29. 29. What was Joan's mother called?

30. 30. Why was Reims so important to Joan?

31. 31. Why did Charles call a retreat from Paris?

32. 32. Who was a close friend to Joan?

33. 33. Which nickname was Joan known by?

34. 34. The bloodiness of what battle shocked Joan?

35. 35. Which battle was Joan NOT involved in?

36. 36. Due to what phenomenon was the French army swelling in 1429?

37. 37. Who was allied with England?

38. 38. The pro-Charles forces in the Hundred Years' War were called what?

39. 39. What language(s) did Joan know how to write?

40. 40. Joan's clothes were known for being what?

41. 41. According to legend, which of the following roles did Joan fill as a child?

42. 42. What document did Joan sign before her execution?

43. 43. How many charges of heresy were initially leveled against Joan?

44. 44. In the end, how many charges of heresy did Joan face?

45. 45. For what quality was Joan deemed so valuable by the French?

46. 46. Despite being burned as a heretic, Joan was later made a saint. In what century did she become a saint?

47. 47. In an attempt to escape, how many feet did Joan jump from her prison tower?

48. 48. What part of Joan's body did the executioner later claim resisted the flames?

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Joanne of Arc

by Zakaton, September 14, 2016

Joanne, it seems, was of royal family. Cardinal Mazarini used to say, that official story of Joanne is a pile of crap. And it looks like it.

Voices, miracles, praying right and left, confessing wounded English, peasant parents, virgin of 19 year old in Middle Ages... What a pile of crap.

Joanne wore full knight armor. She handled f battle horse. She slept in armor near campfires. She handled weapons and participated in tournaments. She knew how Dauphin looked like. She had a coat of arms with royal insignia. - All these facts a... Read more


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The facts are against you

by brahilly, January 02, 2017

Just read Zakaton's comment re: Joan of Arc. His opinion is one wherein he has clearly begun with a judgement of Joan before referring to the facts.
Joan of Arc was born into a peasant family on the fringes of French held territory in what is now known as the Vosges department in North West France. Joan's village itself also felt the violence of the 100 Years War. Domremy suffered from an English attack in 1426 and her family was forced to take shelter in a nearby town. She was a simple child of deep religious faith, even exceptional, ... Read more


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