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1. 1. John Adams was born in what Massachusetts city?

2. 2. After graduation from Harvard, where did Adams teach?

3. 3. Under whom did John Adams apprentice to study law?

4. 4. Whose nickname was "Nabby"?

5. 5. What religious movement passed through New England while Adams was in College?

6. 6. During his law apprenticeship, Adams made a deep study of what field?

7. 7. MOST of the Parliamentary acts that led to the American Revolution occurred during the reign of which British monarch?

8. 8. To what post did the Crown governor hope to offer John Adams?

9. 9. Adams signed his anti-British letters to the editor with what pseudonym?

10. 10. For whom were the Townshend Acts named?

11. 11. What year did Adams term "the most remarkable" of his life?

12. 12. Samuel Adams helped lead what patriotic group?

13. 13. For which family is Harvard's Adams House named?

14. 14. Whom did John Adams defend in the Boston Massacre trials?

15. 15. What year was John Adams elected to the First Continental Congress?

16. 16. Where did the First Continental Congress convene?

17. 17. At the Congress, Adams first worked to draft what:

18. 18. What took effect December one, 1774?

19. 19. Adams wrote what document about the British governmental system?

20. 20. Whom did Adams recommend to head the Continental Army?

21. 21. Who was Adams' fellow minister to France during the war?

22. 22. Which military branch did Adams play a critical role in founding?

23. 23. With what country did Adams help garner a treaty and loan?

24. 24. Which member of his family accompanied Adams to Paris in 1778?

25. 25. When Adams returned to America in 1779, what document did he help to write?

26. 26. What was the final major battle of the Revolution?

27. 27. Adams' served as the first minister to what European power?

28. 28. Who served as the first official minister to France?

29. 29. What team negotiated the Treaty of Paris for the Americans?

30. 30. What do the Adams, Roosevelts and Bushes have in common?

31. 31. What was the name of Adams' family farm?

32. 32. How many tie votes in the Senate did Adams break?

33. 33. Adams' essay "Discourses on Davila" commented on what?

34. 34. During the 1796 election, some Federalists withheld votes from what candidate?

35. 35. Adams won the presidency by how many electoral votes?

36. 36. Where was Adams inaugurated?

37. 37. What was the Adams administration's showdown with the French?

38. 38. What happened in the 1796 election that was so unique?

39. 39. The Sedition Act prohibited all of these EXCEPT what?

40. 40. Which of the following played the largest role in destroying the Federalist Party?

41. 41. Whom did Adams appoint as a special envoy to Paris as a last-ditch effort to stop war?

42. 42. John Quincy Adams served as minister to what European country?

43. 43. Adams moved where during the last months of his administration?

44. 44. In the election of 1800, what was the Anti-Federalist party called?

45. 45. How many horses did Adams leave for Jefferson at the President's House?

46. 46. Alexander Hamilton supported whom in the election of 1800?

47. 47. Which of Adams' sons died in the closing months of his administration?

48. 48. Adams' lived to see John Quincy elected to the presidency in what year?

49. 49. What two U.S. presidents died on July 4, 1826?

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