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October 25, 1881: ·Pablo Ruiz Picasso born in Málaga, Spain
October, 1892: ·Enters classes at the art school in La Coruña, Spain
1895: ·Picasso's father lands a job at La Lonja, the art school in Barcelona
September, 1895: ·Passes La Lonja entrance exam
1897: ·"Science and Charity" wins a gold medal at the Exposición de Bellas Artes in Málaga
October, 1897: ·Picasso enters the Academia Real de San Fernando in Madrid
June, 1898: P ·icasso goes with Pallarés to Horta de Ebro
February, 1899: ·Picasso returns from Horta de Ebro to Barcelona and begins to frequent Els Quatre Gats
February 1, 1900: ·Picasso's exhibition of drawings at Els Quatre Gats opens
October, 1900: ·Picasso and Casagemas leave together for Paris
February 17, 1901: ·Casagemas commits suicide in Paris
June 24, 1901: ·Picasso's show opens at the Galerie Vollard
Winter, 1901: ·Blue Period begins
October, 1902: ·Picasso moves back to Paris from Barcelona, shares difficult times with Jacob
November 15, 1902: ·Picasso's show opens at the Berthe Weill gallery
Spring, 1903: ·Begins painting "La Vie"
April, 1904: ·Moves into the Bateau-Lavoir
Autumn, 1904: ·Meets Apollinaire and Olivier
Autumn, 1905: ·Meets Stein. Fauves debut at the Salon d'Automne.
Summer, 1906: ·Begins carving wooden sculptures
1907: ·Meets Braque through Apollinaire
January, 1907: ·Begins painting "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"
Summer, 1909: ·Vacations with Olivier in Horta de Ebro
September, 1909: ·Picasso and Olivier move into 11 boulevard de Clichy, near the Place Pigalle
Summer, 1911: ·Paints with Braque in Céret
Autumn, 1911: ·Meets Gouel
1912: ·Makes "Still Life with Chair Caning"
1913: ·Apollinaire publishes Les Peintres cubistes. Armory Show in New York.
August, 1914: ·Beginning of World War I
December 14, 1915: ·Gouel dies
March, 1916: ·Apollinaire returns to Paris, wounded
May, 1916: ·Meets Diaghilev and begins work on Parade
February, 1917: ·Goes to Rome with Cocteau, working on Parade, meets Koklova
July 12, 1918: ·Marries Koklova
1921: ·Paints "Three Musicians" and "Three Women at the Spring," two versions of each
February 4, 1921: ·Birth of Paulo
June, 1925: ·Paints "The Dance"
November 14, 1925: ·First Surrealist group show opens
January, 1927: ·Meets Walter
Autumn, 1928: ·Metal sculptures with González
1930: ·Paints "The Crucifixion" after Grünewald
January, 1932: ·Paints "The Dream"
June, 1935: ·Separation from Koklova
October 5, 1935: ·Birth of Maïa
1936: ·Meets Maar and becomes friends with Éluard
July 14, 1936: ·Contributes to Popular Front festivities
July 18, 1936: ·Spanish Civil War begins
April 26, 1937: ·Guernica bombed; "Guernica" begun soon after
1939: ·MOMA acquires "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon" for major retrospective. Photographs of Picasso in Paris appear in Life magazine. World War II begins.
1940: ·German forces occupy Paris
January, 1941: ·Begins writing Desire Caught by the Tail
May, 1942: ·Paints "Aubade"
May, 1943: ·Meets Gilot
March 19, 1944: ·Private performance of Desire Caught by the Tail
August, 1944: ·World War II ends
October 5, 1944: ·Joins Communist Party
May 15, 1947: ·Birth of Claude
April 19, 1949: ·Birth of Paloma
September, 1953: ·Gilot leaves
June, 1954: ·Meets Roque
May, 1955: ·Moves into La Californie villa at Cannes
February 11, 1955: ·Koklova dies
September, 1958: ·Buys the Château de Vauvenargues
March 2, 1961: ·Marries Roque
April 8, 1973: ·Dies

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