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1788-1790: ·Sacajawea born
1799-1801: ·Sacajawea captured by Hidatsas. Sold or gambled away to Toussaint Charbonneau, who makes her one of numerous wives.
Fall 1803: ·Lewis and Clark Expedition assembles in St. Louis
May 14, 1804: ·The expedition sets off going upstream on the Missouri River
September 25, 1804: ·The expedition has a conflict with the Sioux
November 3, 1804: ·Toussaint Charbonneau offers his services to the expedition as an interpreter
February 1805: ·Sacajawea gives birth to Jean Baptiste ("Pomp")
Spring 1805: ·The expedition leaves its winter camp. Sacajawea, carrying Jean Baptiste, accompanies her husband Charbonneau on the journey.
May 14, 1805: ·A sudden storm nearly capsizes one of the expedition's boats. Sacajawea's quick action saves many valuable supplies from floating away.
June 3, 1805: ·The expedition reaches the Marias River
August 11, 1805: ·The expedition sights a Shoshone man for the first time
August 18, 1805: ·Sacajawea helps Lewis and Clark trade for Shoshone horses
September 20, 1805: ·The expedition emerges from Bitterroot Mountains into Nez Perce territory
October 6, 1805: ·Water travel resumed, now on the Columbia River
November 8, 1805: ·The expedition first sights the Pacific Ocean
December 7, 1805: ·The explorers camp for the winter, start building Fort Clatsop
January 1, 1806: ·Construction of Fort Clatsop finished
March 22, 1806: ·Fort Clatsop turned over to the locals, return journey begun
May 11, 1806: ·The expedition meets up with several Nez Perce chiefs. Charbonneau and Sacajawea interpret.
June 10, 1806: ·Departure from Nez Perce region
June 29, 1806: ·Crossing of Bitterroot Mountains complete
July 15, 1806: ·Clark's party (including Sacajawea) reaches Yellowstone River.
July 26, 1806: ·Lewis's party has skirmish with Blackfeet Indians
August 12, 1806: ·Lewis and Clark's groups reunite
August 17, 1806: ·Sacajawea and Charbonneau leave the expedition
August 20, 1806: ·Clark writes letter to Charbonneau, Sacajawea. Offers to take over responsibility for raising Jean Baptiste ("Pomp").
September 1806: ·Lewis and Clark Expedition reaches St. Louis
October 30, 1810: ·Charbonneau buys land on Missouri River from Clark
1811: ·Charbonneau sells land back to Clark. Sacajawea and Charbonneau leave St. Louis area; leave Jean Baptiste with Clark.
December 20, 1812: ·Alleged date of Sacajawea's death at Fort Manuel in South Dakota

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