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Problem :

Please provide the oxidation state of each atom in the following chemical species:

a. Ag2+
b. F2
c. HMnO4
d. VO2 +
e. Cr2O7 2-
f. CH3OH

a. +2
b. 0
c. H is +1, each O is -2, and Mn is +7
d. both O's are -2, V is +5
e. each O is -2, both Cr's are +6
f. O is -2, each H is +1, and C is -2.

Problem :

Tell whether each of the following reactions are redox or not. If the reaction is a redox reaction, say what is oxidized and what is reduced.

a. redox, Na oxidized, Cl reduced
b. not redox
c. CH3OH oxidized, O2 reduced
d. not redox
e. redox, Ag oxidized, O2 reduced
f. redox, NO oxidized, O3 reduced

Problem :

Balance the following redox reactions in both acidic and basic solution: