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Problem :

For each of the following redox reactions, sketch a diagram of a galvanic cell indicating the oxidation and reduction half-reactions, the anode, the cathode, the direction of electron flow in the wire and the direction of positive ion migration through the porous disk. Additionally, list the components of each half-cell. Assume each reaction proceeds in the forward direction as written.

Problem :

For each of the calculate the cell potential, Eo cell, given the following brief table of standard reduction potentials.

a. 1.78 V + 2.90 V = 4.68 V
b. 1.00 V + 2.37 V = 3.37 V
c. 0.54 V + 0.23 V = 0.77 V

Problem :

For each of the provide the line notation that describes each. Assume that all species are in their standard states.

a. Ba (s) | Ba2+ (aq) || H+ (aq), H2O2 (aq) | Pt
b. Mg (s) | Mg2+ (aq) || H+ (aq), VO2 + (aq), VO2+ (aq) | Pt
c. Ni (s) | Ni2+ (aq) || I2 (aq), I- (aq) | Pt

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