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Kinetic Molecular Theory

Terms and Formulae

The Kinetic Molecular Theory

Kinetic Molecular Theory and Its Applications

Boltzmann constant  -  A constant, k , involved in the equation for average velocity. k = 1.38×10-23 J/K
Diffusion  -  Diffusion is the spread of one substance through another.
Effusion  -  Effusion is the rate at which a gas passes through a small hole into a vacuum.
Kinetic energy  -  E k = 1/2mv 2
Kinetic molecular theory  -  A theory that models the interaction between individual gas molecules. See the summary for more details.
Maxwell-Boltzmann speed distribution  -  The distibution attained when molecule speed is set against the number of molecules sharing that speed.
Mean free path  -  The mean distance a molecule travels before it impacts another molecule; given the huge number of collisions in a gas, the mean free path is vastly smaller than any typical room or container. The equation for mean free path:

λ =    

m p  -  The most probable velocity at which the most molecules in a gas travel. The formula for most probable velocity is:

v p = =    

Root mean square velocity  -  An equation to measure the typical velocity of molecules in a gas.

v rms =  

Average velocity

= =    

Kinetic energy E k = 1/2mv 2
Mean free path

λ =    

Formule for most probable velocity

v p = =    

Formula for root mean square velocity

v rms =  

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