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Dextrorotary  -  A solution that rotates plane-polarized light clockwise (+).
Enantiomeric excess  -  The percentage of one enantiomer in excess of another.
Levorotary  -  A solution that rotates plane-polarized light counter-clockwise (-).
Optical activity  -  The ability for a solution to rotate plane-polarized light that is passed through it.
Optical rotation  -  The amount by which a given sample rotates plane-polarized light, in degrees. Depends on the concentration, sample path length, and the nature of the sample.
Optically active  -  Any substance that exhibits optical activity.
Polarimetry  -  The technique of measuring the optical activity of a compound.
Racemic mixture  -  A solution in which both enantiomers of a compound are present in equal amounts.
Specific rotation  -  Property characteristic of a given compound. Conventionally measured at 20 degrees Celsius with the D-line of sodium.

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