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Angels in America

Tony Kushner


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What favor does Roy perform for the wife of a visiting judge?

2. What is Mr. Lies's profession?

3. Where do Joe and Louis first meet?

4. What does Prior reveal to Harper when they meet in their mutual dream/hallucination scene?

5. Which Biblical story does Joe say fascinated him as a child?

6. Where does Louis meet an anonymous stranger for sex?

7. What does Roy make Martin Heller do to prove loyalty to him?

8. Who does Joe drunkenly telephone from a pay phone in the middle of the night?

9. Why were Prior I and Prior II selected from among Prior's ancestors to prepare the way for the Angel?

10. What is the name of Belize's favorite paperback novel?

11. Where does the homeless woman in the South Bronx successfully direct Hannah?

12. What sense does Louis tell Joe is intimately connected to sex?

13. How does Harper say she obtained a pine tree in Prospect Park?

14. How does Belize cheer up Prior while Henry waits impatiently?

15. Why does Roy blackmail Martin Heller?

16. Which of the following is one of the Sacred Prophetic Implements the Angel gives Prior?

17. On what day did God abandon Heaven forever?

18. How does Joe attempt to prove his love for Louis while they are sitting on the beach?

19. How does Prior escape from Joe after their encounter in the courthouse?

20. What is Prior's favorite place in New York City?

21. Why does Louis ultimately turn against Joe?

22. Before he dies, what does Roy deceive Ethel into doing that fills him with glee?

23. How do Louis and Belize thank Roy for his supply of AZT?

24. What does Rabbi Chemelwitz say is the principal form of entertainment in Heaven?

25. Where does Harper depart for at the end of the play?

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Subtitle mistake

by kaythumbs, November 13, 2014

I can see that this is not the forum for this but I don't know how to get a note to Tony Kushner nor to the people responsible for the subtitles. Had seen Angels in America a couple of times when it first came out so was revisiting it. Now old, I turned on the subtitles. In the beginning, Justin Kirk shows a lesion to his lover, who says it is just a burst blood vessel. Justin/Prior says " It is KS." The subtitle said "It is chaos."

At first I was appalled by the mistake and that nobody had apparently checked out the subtitles. ... Read more


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