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Cloud 9

Caryl Churchill


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. To what does Clive attribute Betty's affair with Harry?

2. About which of the following does Martin agonize most?

3. Which item from Act I reappears in Act II?

4. To whom does Harry ultimately get engaged?

5. With whom has Harry not had intimate relations?

6. How do Joshua's parents die?

7. Which group is responsible for Cathy's bloody nose?

8. Who watches Joshua raise the gun to shoot Clive?

9. What is Gerry's greatest complaint about Edward?

10. Who tells Clive of Betty's infidelity with Harry?

11. Who does Betty invite to dinner at the end of the play?

12. What activity does Betty rediscover that gives feelings of power and independence?

13. During the Christmas picnic, what does Edward do that draws criticism from Clive?

14. How does Harry react when Clive speaks to him about the importance of male comradeship?

15. What does Clive do once he chases Mrs. Saunders to an open space away from the house?

16. What does Lin observe about Edward the first time they meet?

17. Who appears at the park séance after Martin?

18. What does Betty slip into the conversation when she first arrives in the park in Act II?

19. What provokes Betty to attack Mrs. Saunders?

20. Who does Betty (Act II) embrace at the very end of the play?

21. What does Cathy do periodically to entertain herself?

22. In Act II, what does Betty offer to buy for herself, Lin, Victoria, and Edward?

23. For what action does Clive force Joshua to apologize?

24. Who gets lost in the park?

25. Where might Victoria move to take a new job?

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