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The Dumb Waiter

Harold Pinter


Full-Book Quiz

1. How does Ben communicate with the person upstairs, other than through the dumb waiter?

2. Who is the men's boss?

3. What town are the men in?

4. Harold Pinter is heavily influenced by which Irish playwright?

5. What, according to Pinter, is designed to cover silences?

6. Which of the characters has not seen his mother in a long time?

7. What does Gus say he always runs out of?

8. What prevents Ben and Gus from making tea?

9. What is "The First Eleven"?

10. What dish does Ben pretend to know how to make?

11. What sport does Gus like to watch?

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Dumb Waiter's Ben

by ArtIzar, August 26, 2013

I don't agree about Ben's knowing that he was going to betray Gus, I think he is a poor puppet who can only follow orders literally, so if they tell him "shoot the man who comes through the door", he simply does it. In my opinion, that's the essence of the last silence, the finding out and the inevitability of the task. I don't find any clue in the characterization of Wilson that he would have any need of giving that information to his inferior.


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