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Glengarry Glen Ross

David Mamet


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What gives the play its title?

2. How many of the characters that appear onstage in the play are not employed as salesmen?

3. Which character's first name is "George"?

4. What food does Mamet specify is onstage during Act One, at the Chinese restaurant?

5. Which leads does Levene want Williamson to give him in the restaurant?

6. What reason does Williamson give Levene for refusing to split up the two leads he is considering selling to Levene?

7. What expression does Moss use to describe the company's practice of exploiting customers for maximum short term gain?

8. To whom does Moss plan to sell the stolen leads?

9. Which two characters does Moss approach to commit the robbery for him?

10. What fraction of the profit from the robbery is Moss planning to give his accomplice for actually committing the break-in?

11. Why, according to Moss, does Aaronow have no choice but to go along with Moss's plan?

12. Which of the following is NOT part of Roma's speech to Lingk in the restaurant?

13. What is Baylen's job?

14. What reason does Roma give Aaronow to always tell the truth to the police?

15. Which lead does Roma refuse to take from Williamson?

16. Of which property does Levene sell units to the Nyborgs?

17. Which of the following does Levene NOT claim to have done?

18. Who says "Fuck the Machine"?

19. Who says, "Who said 'Fuck the Machine'?"?

20. How long does Levene claim to have held his pen over the Nyborgs' contract before they signed?

21. What identity does Roma invent for Levene to trick Lingk?

22. Who has told Lingk to cancel the deal he signed with Roma?

23. Whom does Roma blame for losing him his Cadillac?

24. How does Williamson figure out that Levene robbed the office?

25. Which salesman does not have anything insulting to say about Baylen after emerging from his interrogation?

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Roma knew from the board.

by sn1119, November 19, 2013

Though the notes say that "Early in this scene, Roma tells Baylen that he had heard about the robbery from Moss, and Baylen wondered how Moss knew.", when Baylen asks, Roma cites the board on the window and never mentions Moss.


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