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The Libation Bearers


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1. Who of the following is not a member of the royal family of Argos?

2. Why did Clytamnestra send the serving women to Agamemnon's grave?

3. Why does Electra not want to pray to her father to accept her mother's loving message?

4. Which of the following does Electra not pray for?

5. Why is the chorus interested in Electra's discovery?

6. Which of the following is not one of the loves that Electra transfers upon Orestes?

7. Which of these is not a token of recognition between Orestes and Electra?

8. Which of the following does Orestes not state as a reason behind his quest for vengeance?

9. Why did Orestes decide to return home in the first place?

10. What does Orestes wish had happened to his father?

11. What does Electra wish had happened instead of her father's murder?

12. Which of the following does the chorus not say is the will of justice?

13. Orestes uses all of the following reasons to convince Agamemnon to help him except which?

14. Which of the following was not a possible result of Orestes and Electra's prayers?

15. What is significant about Clytamnestra's dream?

16. Which one of the following is not part of Orestes' plan?

17. Which of the following does the chorus not give as a mythological allegory to Clytamnestra?

18. Why are these mythological women's crimes particularly abhorrent?

19. How does Orestes's reception at the palace door conflict with his expectations?

20. Which of the following is not an important piece of information that the nurse conveys to the audience?

21. To which of the following deities does the chorus not pray when wishing for Orestes's success?

22. Which divine force plays a role in blinding Aigisthos and Clytamnestra to Orestes's true identity?

23. Which of the following does Clytamnestra not give as a justification for her questionable acts?

24. Which of the following does the bloody robe displayed at the end of the play not represent?

25. Where does Orestes flee to at the end of the play?

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