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Mother Courage

Bertolt Brecht


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What does Mother Courage keep for the Cook?

2. What does Yvette sing to Mother Courage and Kattrin?

3. Who does Socrates represent in "The Song of the Great Souls of the Earth"?

4. Why does the Chaplain join the wagon?

5. Kattrin saves the children of what city?

6. In what year does the play begin?

7. How does Mother Courage plan to buy her wagon out of hock?

8. Why does the young peasant at Halle finally agree to serve as the enemy soldiers' guide?

9. With what object does Mother Courage tell her children's fortune?

10. Why can the Cook and Mother Courage not bring Kattrin to Utrecht?

11. About whom does the Chaplain sing "The Song of the Hours"?

12. In what object does the Sergeant feign interest in Scene one?

13. Why is there a momentary declaration of peace?

14. While reflecting on Tilly's death, Mother Courage

15. What precipitated the writing of Mother Courage?

16. How does Mother Courage lose her officers' shirts?

17. What epithet causes Mother Courage to sever ties with the Chaplain?

18. Who finds their fortune through the war?

19. What does Yvette call the Cook?

20. Who does not sing in the course of the play?

21. What does Mother Courage give Kattrin after she has been disfigured?

22. Who tries to stop Swiss Cheese from attempting to seek out his regiment?

23. Where do Mother Courage, the Cook, and the Chaplain discuss the politics of the war?

24. Whose corpse does Mother Courage not see?

25. What does Mother Courage buy from the Ordnance Officer?

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