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The Seagull

Anton Chekhov


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who owns the estate where the play takes place?

2. Medvedenko is in love with whom?

3. Who stars in Treplev's play?

4. Who are the only characters who appreciate the merit of Treplev's play?

5. Which set of characters comprise a love triangle in The Seagull?

6. Which of the following characteristics best describe Arkadina?

7. What does Nina yearn to become?

8. What makes Nina's gift to Trigorin special?

9. What is Trigorin's favorite hobby?

10. Arkadina and Treplev taunt each other with lines from what play?

11. In what decade does The Seagull take place?

12. Treplev and Masha are both what?

13. What happens to Nina and Trigorin's baby?

14. Trigorin has an affair with Nina because

15. Who does Masha marry?

16. Paulina feels what emotion for her husband, Shamrayev?

17. Which character is a doctor like the author, Chekhov?

18. Who shoots the Seagull?

19. How much does Arkadina tip the servants?

20. What happens at the end of the play?

21. Trigorin is a famous

22. Treplev wants to create new forms in what medium?

23. Dorn pretends the gunshot is what?

24. Who of the following ends up with the person he/she loves?

25. What happens to the seagull?

26. What do Arkadina and Shamrayev argue about?

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