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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What color was the envelope in Madame Pace's room?

2. What part of whose body does Step-Daughter recall from her meeting with Father?

3. What play are the Actors rehearsing when the Characters arrive?

4. What does the Leading Man object to wearing in Act I?

5. What is the Leading Man supposed to be beating in Act I?

6. Whose reality ostensibly never changes?

7. According to the Father, who suffers from a "mental deafness?"

8. What accident marks the transition from Acts II to III?

9. Who sings "Prenez garde à Tchou-Tchin-Tchou?"

10. According to the Father, who lives for eternity?

11. What marks the transition from Acts I to II?

12. Who does the Manager believe is imitating Pirandello?

13. Who will not speak while the Son is present?

14. Who will not speak while the Mother is present?

15. Who is taking shorthand?

16. What does Step-Daughter discover in the Boy's pocket?

17. Who tempted the author most of all?

18. According to Father, why does he philosophize?

19. Who declares themselves an "unrealized character?"

20. What is drama to the Manager?

21. According to Father, who tells man "Blind yourself, for I am blind?"

22. What happens to the Step-Daughter at the end of the Characters' drama?

23. Who carries within them the "Demon of Experiment?"

24. What is the Mother's name?

25. What would end the first act of the Characters' drama?

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