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The Flies

Jean-Paul Sartre


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who is Orestes's father?

2. There is a statue of whom in the public square?

3. Why does Electra believe Orestes will return to Argos?

4. Why didn't the Argives attempt to stop Agamemnon's murder?

5. What did the gods do after Agamemnon's murder?

6. Why does Orestes say his Tutor's teachings harmed him?

7. Orestes complains about which of the following?

8. The Argives want to atone for each of the following except

9. The first thing Electra tells Orestes is that she is…

10. Jupiter is the king of everything except

11. Which of the following does Electra say keeps her going?

12. The Argives fear everything except

13. Electra offends everyone at the Dead Man's Day ceremony by

14. In her dreams, what does Electra pictures Orestes as?

15. What does Jupiter do when Orestes asks the gods for a sign that he should leave Argos?

16. Jupiter tells Aegistheus that they were both doomed by

17. Orestes tells Aegistheus that justice is something to be determined by whom?

18. How does Orestes say he found his freedom?

19. What do the Furies NOT want to do to Orestes and Electra?

20. Electra blames her sins on whom?

21. Orestes regrets which of the following?

22. According to Orestes, where or when does human life begin?

23. Jupiter comforts Electra by telling her that…

24. According to Jupiter, what is Orestes's relation to Nature?

25. When he leaves Argos, what does Orestes NOT take with him?

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