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True West

Sam Shepard


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. At the beginning of the play, where is the brothers' mother?

2. Why does Lee suddenly grab Austin's shirt in the first scene?

3. Why has Lee come to the house, if not to visit his mother?

4. Where and for how long was Lee before he came to the house?

5. What sport do Lee and Saul Kimmer decide to play?

6. Why does Lee want the keys to Austin's car?

7. "Tornado Country" is:

8. According to Lee, what kind of people are most prone to violence?

9. How does Lee seal the deal with Saul Kimmer?

10. How does Austin think Lee has sealed the deal with Saul?

11. Why does Austin not want to help with Lee's script?

12. What does Lee bet Austin cannot steal?

13. Where has their father lost his false teeth?

14. Where is the woman that Lee tries to call?

15. What is the deal that the brothers settle on describing how Austin will write the script for Lee?

16. Who is on "intimate terms with the prairie"?

17. What is Lee pouring on himself when Mom returns from Alaska?

18. Which artist does Mom think is coming to town?

19. Why does Austin begin to choke Lee?

20. What predatory animal kills a cocker spaniel in the play?

21. Is the old man still alive, and if so, where is he now?

22. What has Mom missed while in Alaska?

23. What is the final sound of the play?

24. What makes the annoying sound that rises and falls during the play?

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